Posted by: coastalconversations | October 7, 2011

Alpha Oops: H is for Halloween by Alethea Kontis

Alpha Oops: H is for Halloween (Alphaoops!)

Dear Michelle,

In honor of our love of books and our experiences with them.  I thought I would branch out our book blog and let my youngest review her new favorite book.

A little background:

So the night before the National Book Festival, the family made a bookstore run.  We brought our list of authors and went to work. I have a feeling we were the most enthusiastic customers of the night.  After asking 101 questions of the staff and chatting excitedly with them about our pending trip downtown, Ms. Alethea Kontis introduced herself and her newest book to us.  As I began to explain to my 5 year old, that this very nice lady we were talking actually wrote this book in her hands, I saw the little light bulb go off. “Really, wrote it?” she said.  Lorelei was actually getting to experience her own private book signing.  Come on Michelle, that’s like my own little dream come true. hahaha  So off we went with Lorelei’s brand new, personalized, author signed, book.

Now we have a house full of books, everything from board books to presidential autobiographies.  Books that have been bought and read over and over until pages are ripped and worn to books that have been bought and never cracked open.  You never know how a book will touch you and especially little ones, their attention span is soo short.  Well whether it was the experience or the funny story or fabulous illustrations this book touched Lorelei’s heart.  So without further adieu here are some video blogs of Lorelei talking about Alpha Oops H is for Halloween.



Short and sweet, just like Lorelei! We have had a great time reading this one over and over and she can’t wait for the next one! Psst – she is sure it’s going to be a Christmas addition!

One final shot of Lo’s new book, with the signature she is so proud of, that she has shown it to every guest who has stopped by the house and has brought it to school; “even though we don’t have show and tell anymore, they need to see this.” (a direct quote)

Love, Kristin










Dear Lorelei & Kristin,

This is BY FAR the BEST post we’ve done so far!  What a FUN book!  Thanks for sharing it with me!  I can’t wait to see it in person with the author’s signature!

And have a fun Halloween you guys!… “BOOO!”

Love Michelle



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